Green tea weight loss in 1 month

Losing your fat consistently just in 1 month

Banning the fat belly is a must. The digital era demanded to show yourself perfectly. It includes your fashion, makeup, and body shape.

However, you do not have any suggestions about how to set your body to become more attractive. Here this article will offer you the best method of how to lose your weight in one month in detail.

This article will give you step by step in setting your diet program.
Green tea weight loss in 1 month

1. Choose the best green tea for weight loss

The basic question will appear why must be green tea for supporting your weight loss program. Is green tea better than black tea in weight loss program. Green tea consist of more antioxidants than black tea (Healthline.com).

The antioxidant takes a role as an appetite suppressant, producing free radicals and releasing the stored toxin In the fat when it is burned.

We recommended a fresh green tea, but if you can not find that product you can use the matcha green tea.

2. How to prepare green tea for weight loss

In preparing the green tea as the portion for the weight loss program. At least you are preparing some stuff and material such as cups, green tea, and some sugar if you want. Brewed green tea is the recommended method to use in serving green tea. Combining green tea with some snacks that contain fewer carbs is good.

3. When the best time to consume green tea

 Besides, considering the material, it is important to consider when you drink green tea. As cited in food.NDTV.com, the best time to consume green tea is in the morning and evening. It is better to serve green tea with hot water (brewed green tea).

How about the other time? It is allowed, but we do not recommend it. Imagine, is it good consuming green tea at hot cups in the midday.

4. How many cups of green tea a day to lose weight fast

When we ready to serve green tea. Is it correct to drink green tea at any time? It is incorrect. You have to control yourself in drinking green tea, or you have to ready in facing the side effect of green tea such as:

  • A headache
  • Diarrhea
  • Irritability

It happens because green tea reduces iron absorption in food.

5. green tea weight loss results

if you follow the instruction above, start from preparing the green tea and the best amount of green tea for your daily intake. It will help you just in one month to reduce your fat as much as 5-10 pounds.

6. green tea lose weight without exercise

The last is the most important step. It is incomplete if you take over the fat just from the green tea intake. You need some exercises too in purpose to maximize the result of your dietary program.


The green tea weight loss can reduce the fat on your body in a 1-month method. However, this method does not give you a silver bullet or a magical change. You have to tighten your daily routine to fill some green tea and noticing your daily intake. Those will help you to maximize your healthy diet program.