what flavor are the mystery airheads

White mystery airheads - airheads is an old favorite candy among kids and adult since 1986. This factory produces the fruity flavor and soft chew for this airheads. Those flavors are grape, orange, strawberry, green apple, watermelon, cherry, and the last is a white mystery airheads.

Then, it packaged in some packaging such as airheads bites, soft filled bites, gummies, gum, xtremes, xtremes bites, and xtremes sourfuls.

Furthermore, the most attractive topic about airheads is what are the mystery airheads flavor. The mystery flavor of white airheads arises from its birth in 1993.

The mystery flavor of   airheads

what flavor are the mystery airheads

This story is started when the correspondence finds the growth-stuck of their consumer. As their experience and their habit reading the customer respond, he finds the out of the box idea. It is needed for responding to their consumer idea to bring the new and improved taste of Airheads.

Some of the Airheads costumers is a kid. As a kid, they just sent the straight forward comment such as can you put the airheads in the vending machine at my school, thanks. Some others criticize the flavor of an airhead that monotonous. However, at the end of reading the consumer response, I bumped with one teenager mail that suggests the airhead to make a bar with mystery flavor.

Indeed, those voice drawing the airheads to serve the new thing that unpredictable. Then we compromise we need the head to head test. Then we plan to test it is a new product in elementary school. The airheads make one product comparison for testing the mystery product. That product is given to the elementary school. In the end, the airheads asking the flavor of those products.

The student like those products but in mystery product just 5% of them who can be guessing the flavor.
Then, the test result is submitted in office and officially, the white mystery product was birth in 1993.
Today, the mystery is still a mystery a lot of group discussion asking about the airheads mystery flavor of the white, but no one can reveal it.

As in quora.com

Emma gibs, former user speculates that the flavor of airheads white change from batch to batch. She was guessing that the flavor of the mystery white is white cherry or white apple. The speculate in each batch of the production the airheads change the flavor into the different flavor. It does keep the secret of their mystery.
Paul steven. When you are buying the airheads bites and bite it, you will feel what delicious flavor bitting in your mouth. Not be hypnotized be it flavor. I am trying to use my tongue to taste that flavor. In my opinion, I am guessing it is a mixture of cantaloupe and cucumber mixture.
what flavor are the mystery airheads

Then, in reddit.com

Also, as said from “lingeringthoughts” the underlined that the flavor is nearly close to cherry and raspberry. He rejects the opinion that the producer was changing the flavor every batch because it is too much wasting time.
It is too difficult to define the flavor or maybe the ingredients of the mystery white gum airheads. Then, how we choose it is Haram or Halal for Moslem, maybe you can contact the management.


Indeed, it is still a mystery about the white mystery airheads. From 1993 until now 2020 no one can officially declare the flavor of the mystery flavor gum. So what do you think about the flavor.