What happens when consuming green tea on empty stomach

Do / Don't drink green tea on an empty stomach

In here you will spend 5 minutes to read, in fast reading. You will know the best time when you drink green tea and green tea pros-cons.

Green tea on an empty stomach is pretty doubtful. It is very risky when you have stomach aches. It is awful when you force yourself to drink it.

You should be adjusting, although you want to apply green tea on an empty stomach for the weight loss method.

Whether you drink it in the morning or before bed, consulting about this is the best move.

We know that drinking green tea on an empty stomach can give you a benefit, such as reduce belly fat.

However, roughly drinking of green tea can trigger a harmful side effect.
green tea on empty stomach
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It is suitable for you to look for the pro and cons of drinking green tea, especially in an empty stomach.

Besides, you want to apply a green tea for a weight-loss method or just applied it for a healthy life.

We will explain deeply about the pro and cons of drinking a green tea

In the first shot, we will talk about the health benefits of drinking green tea. (Pros)

Drinking green tea for gaining health benefits becomes the most valuable insight. Further, the people applying for the dietary program or health life.


As cited in NCBI, the proportional in drinking a green tea with antioxidant can trigger various health benefit such as:

1. Preventing cancer

2. Cardiovascular ailment

3. Controlling cholesterol

4. Managing weight loss and reduce fat belly

5. Anti-aging

6. Reducing inflammatory response and controlling neuro-degenerative disease

Those benefits can be achieved when you consume it inappropriate way. Yang's explanation at the Japanese publication health report discovers that drinking green tea on an empty stomach can be harmful.

He adds the illustration of people a most of which drinking 10 cups green tea in a day with strongly brewed green tea will face the stomach ache at the easiest harmful reaction.

Green tea side effect for health (Cons)

Drinking green tea too much will lead you to several risking disease. The most effect of consuming green tea will be faced with blood. Those risking disease that may face, such as:

1. Caffeine sensitivity or caffeine substance could trigger insomnia, anxiety, irritability, nausea.

2. The overused green tea also can trigger increase the blood pressure and risking of heart attack

3. Blood thinner, blood thinner can trigger fatigue, weakness, dizziness, and shortness of breath.

Conclusion: Consuming green tea for gaining the health benefits

Generally, drinking green tea on an empty stomach will bring less significant harmful effects. In accordance, it is pure green tea at all.

However, you may be noticed for achieving a healthy life. You must be noticing how you are consuming green tea.

As a recommendation, drinking green tea in the morning, in the afternoon, and before a bed will be enough for fulfilling the caffeine intake of your body.


Small workout it also needed to optimize the effect of the green tea. Even how to make brewed green tea and the side effect of green should be noticed.

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