5 instant tea brand that may replace Nestea

Nestea instant tea

Nestea instant tea that has been discontinued in March 2019 brings various reactions. The Nestea lovers surprised by the decision of nestle and Coca-Cola in stopping produce the Nestea. It triggers the rising of Nestea's price because of the lack of distribution. Indeed, the Nestea customer is trying to search the other product that can replace the Nestea.

Here are various instant tea products and its variation that may replace Nestea
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  1. Lipton Instant tea

Lipton is a tea company that owned by Unilever. This tea company, for the first time, is focusing their market just on England. Then, in the last movement to enlarge their market, Unilever joined with PepsiCo.  Although the Lipton Does have an instant tea, the flavor of this tea is nearly close with the Nestea even it is bitter.

Lipton has released various tea product such as Half & Half Iced Tea & Lemonade, Decaf Half Berry Lemonade & Half Iced Tea To Go Packets, Lipton Terrific Turmeric, Miracle Moringa Herbal  Supplement with Green Tea, Orange Passionfruit Jasmine Green Tea, Soothe Your Tummy Herbal Supplement, Bedtime Bliss Herbal Supplement, Detox Herbal Supplement with Green Tea.

That product is considered can replace the disappearance of Nestea. The price is also competitive.  It depends on you, is this product flavor can replace the Nestea.

2.      Runa tea

Runa tea, one of the most tea products that invented their tea, become an energy drink.  They serve nine kinds of tea energy drink flavor. Those are six lightly sweetened flavors–Hibiscus-Berry, Lemon-Lemongrass, Sweet Peach, Raspberry, Mint, and Traditional Guayusa, two unsweetened flavors–Lime and Guava, and a Half & Half (Half Tea/Half Lemonade) flavor. The main ingredient of their tea comes from guayusa tea that grows in amazon. Runa tea is produced by RUNA LLC, a tea company, in Brooklyn, New York.

Furthermore, as cited on Reddit, most of them said that the bitter flavor dominates this tea flavor. This bitter flavor comes from Guayusa leaf.

 3.       Teaki hut

Teaki hut tea is made from matcha Camellia tea. Matcha is the young green tea that grinded and brewed. This camellia tea has a big advantage because of the presence of antioxidants and caffeine.

These products successfully launch various tea products, such as Instant Black Tea Powder 4oz, Matcha Green Tea Powder 2oz, Instant Pu-erh Tea Powder 4oz, Matcha Green Tea Powder Sweetened With Stevia 4oz.

Moreover, how about these flavors. Let's take a sample on customer response. When opening the Teaki hut tea, you will smell the sweet and fragrant matcha tea. For sealing the fragrance, the teaki hut tea takes a special package for this green tea.

4.    WAKA

Waka tea is made of Kenya black tea. This tea contains a low level of caffeine. It contains 30 mg in each package of instant black tea.

This waka black tea serves pure taste. This black tea does not use the artificial color, carrier of fillers. It only contains high quality of black tea.

Then, the flavor is underlined as

Indeed, it is recommended for you that in building the muscle program.

5. Blue lotus chai

If you are looking for vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO authentic Indian tea. This product does not contain any sweetener, milk powders, or other addictive substances.

The caffeine that contains in this black tea is equal to 1/7 caffeine in coffee.

This tea provides several flavors such as ginger, peppermint, cinnamon, pepper.


It is depend on you which the closest flavor tea product that may replace Nestea. However, it doest means that you stopping to search the Nestea in the On Line or Off Line market today.