What is Nestea Cool and Why Nestea cool Discontinued

Nestea Cool is one product from the collaborative business of Coca-Cola and Nestle. Recently, the public is amazed about the choice of Nestle to discontinued its joint venture, which runs around 15 years.

The public is still screaming aloud in asking the reason why Nestea closed, why Nestea cool discontinued, also Do they still make Nestea.

Moreover, For you who still new about this product, we will help you to give some information about this product. We serve from the beginning of Nestea cool, such as Nestea iced tea commercial Product, Nestea cool snowman, Nestea cool hot tub.

The last is about the product of Nestea cool lemon iced tea. How its flavor, is there any stock in the online or offline market and how to grab it. 

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What is Nestea Cool?

Nestea cool

Here we reveal the short history relates to what Nestea Cool is. First, in 2003, Nestea invented a new product called Nestea cool Lemon. This product is focusing on the traveler who has a vast portion of outdoor activity.

This product offers refreshing iced tea with Lemon when you go outside, as their tag line. Nestea Briefly blend the iced tea with the natural lemon flavor. It is Refreshingly delicious, I think, the iced and fresh lemon flavor.

Flashback in 2003, how you can imagine how the Nestea company visualizing its refreshing product through hilarious Commercial advertisement.

Nestea iced tea commercial Product

In 2003, you will be very familiar with Nestea iced tea commercial Product, which combines fresh, cool tea with lemon flavor. They have the tag line “Cool from the Nestea, Cool to the core.” All commercial videos that they produce focusing on imagining how cool the Nestea.

People commonly recognize the commercial advertisement of Nestea from their actor. Here are what the people commonly called the commercial product advertisement of the Nestea. Those ate Nestea cool snowman and Nestea cool hot tub

Nestea cool snowman

It tells the actor of the advertisement, The Nestea cool Snowman, face the summer and hot weather. They figure the snowman melting until they become skeleton man because those all of their frozen snow are vaporize cause of the heat weather.

Then, just drinking the Nestea cool, the snowman can recover himself from the skeleton until the snowman again. Indeed, it infers that the frozen effect of Nestea can enter until the bones.

Nestea cool hot tub

After telling the Nestea snowman facing the summer or heat weather, this advertisement is hilarious, because the snowman will face the cool hot tub.

It tells when the Nestea snowman visits the hot tub. He meets with two girls in a hot tub. Then, the Nestea snowman force himself, joining take a bath with them. However, when he becomes a skeleton man, he drinks the cool Nestea to recover himself become a snowman.

Product: Nestea cool lemon iced tea

The Nutrition Fact about nestea cool lemon iced tea is this product consist of some ingredients. There are Caloris 89 in each bottle of Nestea cool, 0 total fat, has 51 mg sodium, potassium with total 47 mg, total carbohydrate 22 g protein 0 g, and caffein 7 mg.

That combination is served for the people who need the fresh when facing the hot weather.

Then, in 2016 Nestea announced that they would stop to produce cool Nestea.

Do they Still make Nestea?

In 2016, The Nestea announced through their twitter that this Enterprise Stop making Nestea. There is no specific information about why the Nestea closed this product.

The Nestea cool discontinued trigger some effect for their market segment. Their market has to look for the new replacement product for Nestea.

Conclusion: Nestea cool discontinued

As we mention above, Nestea Cool will be discontinued by producing its product. Then, the recent issue in 2019 Nestea is closed. They terminate their joint-venture between Nestle and Coca-cola, which is to produce all the products of the Nestea. Although some products still exist in the market, some times they sell at an unreasonable price.