Halal food list: candy checklist 2020

For Islam, people or Muslims keep in their belly into Haram food and deciding Halal food list is a must. However, here it is difficult to determine what foods are forbidden in Islam. Sometimes, the company does not mention that this ingredient of the food, Halal, or Haram list.

Haram or Halal food is not part of the Islamic food tradition. The keep in our belly from halal or haram food is obedience. The basic rule of Moslem after their faith or obedience to God (Allah) is to understand and apply the halal meaning.

Halal meaning is the food that does not contain the Haram substance, and the food is gotten or produced obeying the Islamic rule. They get the food by fair and allow ways as Islamic teaching says.

After that teaching, our child about halal food is essential too. Especially, teach them how to choose halal candy. We realize how to admire our kids in consuming the candy. We have to grow the primary teaching about halal or Haram to them, in purpose to determine the food that they consume.

Here are some famous candy and kids' favorite candy in 2020. We will try to explain it from their ingredient in purpose to categorized that it is halal or haram.

Are starbursts categorized as halal food list 2020

are starbursts categorized as halal food 2020

We know that starburst becomes favorite candy for our child, but do you ever think that is starburst halal. It is crucial to determine that food into a Halal or Haram category to teach our kids in consuming the allowed food as Islamic teaching.

The ingredient shows in the packaging. It explains starburst consist of Hydrogenated palm oil, coloring (red40, blue1, yellow6, artificial and natural flavors, ascorbic acid (Vitamin c), Corn syrup, sugar, modified corn starch, gelatin, tapioca dextrin, citric acid less than 2%, fruit juice concentrate.

It states that starburst contains gelatin. The gelatin in starburst comes from beef, and the slaughtering the cow apply Islamic rules.

Are Starburst pork

As our investigation focusing on the ingredient and how they produce the starburst, we found the ingredient called gelatin that possibly comes from pork. However, as our further investigation, starburst mentioned that the gelatin substance is came from beef. However, it concludes that starburst is halal.

Wrigley starburst company

Wrigley is a subsidiary company of Mars that produce starburst (candy). This company produced various types of starburst, namely, Tropical, Sour, Fave reds, very berry, Superfruit Flavor, Summer Blast, and Original.

Are skittles categorized as halal food list

halal food list : are skittles halal

The skittles are asked Do Skittles have gelatin, Do Skittles contain pork, or Do Skittles vegan. In short, the ingredient of skittles have controlled, and it is halal. This sweet candy is one of the favorite candy for kids.

For Muslim family controlling their kids is a must, as an effort to avoid them from haram substances or haram food. Here are we will give in an in-depth explanation about the substances of skittles.

Skittles Ingredients


  • Sugar
  • corn syrup
  • hydrogenated palm kernel oil
  • citric acid
  • tapioca dextrin
  • modified corn starch
  • natural and artificial flavor
  • sodium citrate
  • carnauba wax


  • E330 – Citric acid
  • E1400 – Dextrin
  • E331 – Sodium citrates
  • E903 – Carnauba wax

Do Skittles have gelatin (contain pork or beef)

The updated report from VRG research director explain that the new Skittles is gelatin-free. it means that the skittles no longer using gelatin. Then, it is called vegan or no use a animal substances.

Are lifesavers halal

Lifesaver gummies are an American brand of ring-shaped hard and soft candy. This product is produced in various fruit-flavored and various distinctive packaging, such as paper-wrapped aluminum foils.

Then, besides their pleasant flavor and design, many questions about this product appear. Those are lifesavers gummies gluten-free, the ingredients of lifesavers candy is that product halal or kosher.
As a Moslem deciding the halal food and making halal food list for their family is a must. 
Are lifesavers halal

It is because of our religion. God teaches us that consuming haram food will bring many disadvantages. Indeed, for the food, Muslims are stringent in choosing their halal food. The Halal here means halal from the ingredients, halal how to produce and halal to collect that material.

Moreover, for revealing is lifesavers ingredients kosher or halal. Here we will explain the lifesaver gummies ingredients, are lifesavers gummies gluten-free, gluten, as we know, is the ingredients for jellying the candy or gummy. Then, in lifesavers, wee ever found that this product contains gluten.

Furthermore, in the USA, lifesaver is known as a sour gummy with fruit flavor. This company massively produce the distinctive product such as lifesaver gummies individually wrapped, collisions, big bag, big ring, wintergreen mints, and mints wrapped.

Indeed, understanding from a lot of resource it informs us that lifesavers contains gelatin from a pork. It means that if you are a Muslim, it better for you to avoid this product.

Are nerds halal

Nerds candy is an American candy form—the Ferrara Candy Company. In one Nerd candy box, there are two different candy flavors. Whereas on a larger package, Nerd gives many variants of colors and flavors to the candy, s that nerds are also commonly referred to as rainbow nerds.

Nerds circulating in America must be in high demand from both children and adults. Therefore it is crucial to show the ingredient of nerds candy, especially for American Muslims. They take care of their diet and are truly selective about foods that originate or contain illicit ingredients.

Nerds Ingredients


  • sugar
  • carnauba wax
  • corn syrup
  • carmine color
  • dyes Blue
  • blue 1 lake
  • red 40
  • yellow 5
  • Yellow 5 Lake
  • Yellow 6 lake
  • artificial color
  • malic acid.

Nerd candy  widely consumes in USA. Most people especially the children love this candy. However, how about the vegetarian children or Muslim children. Are they allowed to comsume the Nerds candy.
are nerds halal

Are Nerds good for Vegetarian and halal for Muslim?

Nerds contain gelatin. Then the gelatin comes from pork so that if you are vegetarian, we do not recommend you consume this product.

Then, the nerds' candy is Haram. Based on Halal food guide (halalfood.com) from the ingredients and from the consumer response representative's information, explain that if the product contains gelatin from pork, the ingredient will show in the package as gelatin. However, if the gelatin is coming from beef in the package, it will also state that it contains beef-gelatin - Nia Palmer Consumer Response Representative.

Halal food checklist: is Haribo halal?

Halal food list: candy checklist 2020

Haribo gummies or commonly called as gummy bears. It is a candy made in Turkey as we know that turkey is one of the Muslim countries. The food regulation prohibited the usage of pork in food. Then, the Haribo factory is placed in Turkey. It means that the factory does not use the pork as the gelatin.

As we know for the gummy candy, the presence of gelatin is a must. The gelatin substance helps the candy to get the gummy substance. Then, as the factory is placed in Turkey, it must all of the production process is controlled by Muslim regulation.

Then, for further knowledge, we give some additional information about the substance of Gummy bears


It for two serving plate

  • 6-ounce gelatin (do not use the sugar-free gelatin)
  • 1/2 ounce envelope gelatin (tasteless)
  • 2/6 cup fresh water
  • optional: 1 teaspoon citric acid for sour gummy

Indeed, For you, the Muslim in the USA, you can consume or allow your children to consume these kinds of candy.

Are jelly beans categorized as a halal food list

jelly beans are small bean-shaped or sugar candies that covered by gelatin? This gelatin used to gummy the candy. However, as our research, the gelatin used in jelly bean comes from pigskin and pig bone.
Are jelly beans categorized as a halal food list

As a Muslim, you must pay attention to the candy or sugar candy with a gummy texture. First, the texture informs us that the candy contains gelatin. Almost 80% of the candy with gelatin in the USA comes from pork skin or bones, although it has a halal logo.

Halal food list : Is rock candy halal

Halal food list : Is rock candy halal

Rock candy refers to the shape of the candy, which is hard as a rock. This candy is made of sugar that boiled. When the sugar boiled and melting as fluid, you can shape it into various form. After it is cold, the sugar will crystallize and hard as a rock.

Then how about it is halal or not. As we know, the primary substance comes from sugar. It guarantees the candy is halal.

As simple, you can make that candy in your home. It is safer than you allow your kids to buy that rock candy outside the home. You can get doubled benefit first protecting your kids from unhealthy food, and others are protecting your kids from Haram food.

Then, you can stimulate your kids or maybe your creativity to make various form.

Halal food list: Are warheads halal

Halal food list: candy checklist 2020

Warheads are one of the types of candy produced by impact confection located in Janesville, Wisconsin. This company produced sour candy that very popular around the children.

Popularity triggers many aspects to be analyzed. One of them is the warheads is halal. Muslim children need to behave and growing their obedience through their religion. Then, let us see the main ingredients of this product.


  • Corn Syrup, 
  • Sugar, 
  • Microencapsulated Malic Acid (Malic Acid, Hydrogenated Palm Oil), 
  • Citric Acid, 
  • Gum Acacia, 
  • Soybean Oil (Processing Aid), 
  • Ascorbic Acid, 
  • Artificial Flavors, 
  • Carnauba Wax, 
  • Corn Starch, 
  • Blue 1, 
  • Red 40, Y
  • Yellow 5

Indeed, as the ingredients it can infer that the warheads are halal, it gelatin-free for the ingredient. Also, it is categorized as vegan candy.

Are Twizzlers vegan

Twizzler is the candy product that produced by Y&S Candies, Inc. in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Twizzler is categorized as an old candy which is produced since 1929. 
Are Twizzlers vegan
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  • Corn syrup
  • Wheat flour
  • Sugar
  • Cornstarch
  • Palm oil, salt
  • Artificial flavor
  • Glycerin
  • Citric acid
  • Potassium sorbate
  • Red 40
  • Soy lecithin

As a result that has been conducted the most favorite flavor of Twizzlers is strawberry, it is spent almost 70% of the Twizzlers production in a year.

Besides the strawberry flavor, the Twizzler has Various flavor such as cherry, chocolate, rainbow, Twizzlers nibs, sweet and sour, are orange cream, orange cream pop zlers, and watermelon. As state above about its ingredients, it can be concluded that Twizzler is vegan friendly and Halal. It called Vegan friendly and kosher because this product does not use gelatin as the gummy substance in this candy.