Calgon water softener | review and place to buy

Calgon water softener becomes a new hot issue. Many people ask where to buy, what is the active ingredient and how to use Calgon water softener.

Besides, the Calgon water softener has divided two types. The first is Calgon water softener (liquid form) and Calgon water softener powder in powder form.

Moreover, in this post, we will discuss very intensely what is Calgon water softener. Then for comparison, we compare the Calgon water softener vs. Borax. The last is most attractive, especially for consumers, because we give a Calgon water softener coupon.
Calgon water softener

What is in Calgon water softener

Before we understand the function of this water softener, we should know about what is in the Calgon water softener. This section will also answer the question about what is the active ingredient in the Calgon water softener.

The active ingredient in Calgon water softener

The Calgon water softener ingredient is zeolite and polycarboxylate. Further, Calgon is a US-based softener and bath soap brand. This company is a subsidiary of the British company Reckitt Benckiser.

Moreover, This product contains sodium hexametaphosphate powder (amorphous sodium polyphosphate). It can blend in water due to the reaction of ambient calcium ions by certain cations.

The function of that combination is to prevent the salt presence, which will interfere with the freshness of the water. The presence of the active ingredient in Calgon water softener ( zeolite and polycarboxylate) are not too reactive with wastewater or with phosphate.

Where to buy Calgon water softener

Those customers can get the Calgon water softener both in water or powder form almost in all marketplace around the USA.


They serve the Calgon water softener product 32oz Bottle, Laundry Detergent Booster, just for $5.34. Commonly the shipping spends two days, and it free In June 2020.


This product of Calgon water softener also provided in the Kroger. In this web, the price is a little bit expensive. One Calgon 32 oz Bottle, Laundry Detergent Booster, priced $ 5.69.

Calgon water softener target

Calgon water softener on target currently disappears. There is no significant report on why this marketplace does not sell this prospective product.

Those are the place that the consumer can buy the Calgon water softener in liquid form. However, the next type is Calgon water softener powder.

Where to buy Calgon water softener powder

Calgon water softener

It just a little online store or marketplace that sells Calgon water softener powder, 40-Ounce. Amazon.com is the only marketplace that sells this product so that the price is a little bit competitive. For one pack of this product, they sell $124.

However, this price is reasonable because consumers will get:

  1. White laundry or clothing that uses this product will be brighter in color. However, consumers should be noted in washing, and consumers have to separate between white clothes and colored clothes.
  2. This product will protect against salt content in the water that has corrosive content that damages the fabric of consumer clothing even, for a long time.
  3. Also, avoiding the salt content in the water that is destructive means protects consumers' fragile skin from diseases caused by excess salt content.

How to use Calgon water softener

It is effortless to combine consumer detergent and this product in purpose to enhance the glance of consumer laundry.

Calgon water softener uses:

a. For laundry

  1. For laundry use, use 1/2 cup of Calgon powder together with the detergent of consumer choice.
  2. More Calgon powder can be used for large amounts of laundry, or maybe in the filthy laundry.
  3. Bleach and other detergent boosting products are no longer needed when consumers have used Calgon powder.
  4. Pour the mixture of detergent and Calgon powder into the washing machine.
  5. Calgon will immediately work when mixed with water.
  6. After use, keep the remaining Calgon in a dry and cool place.

b. For plate or glass

  1. Sprinkle 1/4 cup of Calgon products in consumer dishwasher.
  2. Then consumers can operate the dishwasher according to the instructions from the machine.

Calgon water softener vs. Borax

A water softener is better than Borax because Borax has an extremely high alkali, so it will make clothes feel hard and dry. It can also accelerate damage to clothing, although the use of Borax is better at killing germs.

The high alkali in Borax is also at risk of causing corrosive effects for the consumer washing machine. Moreover, the steps to cleaning a proper washing machine are to soak the washing machine for 24 hours with a Calgon product or with Borax.

Calgon water softener coupon

Calgon water softener

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