Green tea lose weight 2 weeks

Healthy living with the ideal body shape is everyone's dream. However, their healthy and perfect body dream is not followed by a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle is not a difficult thing to realize. You need to arrange food or drink intake and exercise patterns. The robust drinking program, such as green tea, is the right solution to start the lose weight stage. Then, Green tea lose weight methods 2 weeks have proven to become a solution to daily body intake in supporting to lose weight process. The application of lose weight in 2 weeks with green tea includes several interconnected elements such as green tea dosage for weight loss, then proved with green tea weight loss before and after work, the disadvantage of drinking green tea everyday and the simplest balancing method with planned daily at home workout app.
Green tea lose weight 2 weeks is a method to help you in your weight loss program. In this explanation consist of green tea weight loss review, green tea weight loss before and after to measure result in 1 month, the best time to take green tea extract for weight loss and it must be gathered with exercise

Green tea dosage for weight loss

Green tea as an alternative weight loss intake needs to be used with the right dosage. Green tea was chosen as a beverage or consumption for weight loss because green tea contains (-) Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) and (-) epigallocatechin (EGC) which functions to inhibit the Glucuronidation process. www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov with the right dosage when consuming green tea, it will help EGCG and EGC work well in inhibiting the accumulated glucose resulting in a lazy fat in the body.
Based on The New England Journal of Medicine, the consumption of green tea is good twice a day and consumed by brewing with hot water.  Besides, being able to reduce the risk of obesity, green tea is also healthy for kidney and heart function. Indeed, consuming green tea with balance dosage is useful for weight loss. Then, a case study has been carried out and further discussed in green tea weight loss before and after below.

Green tea weight loss before and after

Regular use of green tea is expected to provide maximum results in the body shape. By the results of research about the benefits of green tea for weight loss, a study by NCBI conducted in Canada and Japan with adults as object research states that the effectiveness of consuming green tea correctly can reduce weight loss by 5-10% in 4 weeks applicable program.
For results from usage, can be seen in the picture below.
Green tea weight loss before and after is used to measure the program effectiveness of green tea weight loss results. Inside the shot review consist of the best time to take green tea extract for weight loss, green tea weight loss in 1 month, how to prepare green tea for weight loss, and recommended

Keep in mind the excessive use of green tea can cause bad things to the body. For the disadvantage of drinking green tea everyday without controlling scheduled will explain below.

The disadvantage of drinking green tea everyday

Green tea brings many benefits, but excessive use will cause harmful effects on the body because excessive EGC and EGCG content will eliminate a lot of glucose content in percussion. Like research conducted by medicalnewstoday.com, the caffeine inside of green tea that is consumed excessively can result in anxiety, upset stomach, nausea. Plus if green tea is consumed at the same time or close time with the supplement and consumed together with green tea can increase blood pressure. Indeed, the use of green tea must be planned and also through consulting a nutritionist or a related doctor so that improper use does not occur. Then, it won’t disrupt the health of the body.
In addition to consuming green tea to maximize good results for weight loss, it is necessary to have scheduled work out. Here, we recommend the daily at home workout app.

Daily at home workout app

There are some workout app that can gather in working-out everyday:
  1. Beachbodyondemand.com is an online course website provide good body shape. In the app, it is also complete with experienced tutors and a schedule to do workouts every week. So what you do is genuinely controlled and recorded.
  2. Runtastic Six Pack for this type of app focuses more on simplification and convenience in doing work out at home. For courses in this app focus on fitness, and they are unique in that they focus on simple movements that do not require additional tools.
  3. FitStar and MyFitnessPal for this app offer more complete things, not only working out but also healthy life. This app also provides complete information for your first-time condition before and after doing work out with this app. The app also offers fat burner information that was done that day.
It is strongly recommended for you to choose the most suitable workout app based on your daily activity and home condition.


Indeed, the scheduled consume the green tea intake must be balanced with daily at home work out so that Green tea lose weight 2 weeks programs can work effectively. Those are some explanations based on some expertise research so that you can try it at your home. However, you have been controlled and guided by expertise.

However, if you overused this method means you drink the green too much or you drink it everyday, it will effect on your body.

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