Talking games to play with friends

Talking games is one of the straightforward games played and can attract many people to participate in becoming a player. Talking games to play with friends is a very suitable choice for ice breaking. This game aims to strengthen friendships and change communication patterns that were cold to warmer. Besides talking games will also train the workings of our brains to be faster and more responsive in responding to other people's words. In the world, talking games are divided into various countries. Here we will give a little review of talking games in many countries:

1.                  Game guessing the name of an animal or object

This game was once popular in 2017 in Indonesia. This game can be categorized as a talking game because this game focuses on the use of mouth and mind. The way to play is effortless:
a)      Prepare around 10-20 people than for them in 4-5 groups
b)      Each contains 5 or 4 people, one of them will serve as the giver of the question (the question has been prepared by the committee)
c)       Take one more person to be the person who will practice the characteristics of plants or animals that the committee has chosen
d)      The task of the remaining team members is to guess the traits that are exhibited
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a)        The performer or question giver is forbidden to speak
b)       The performer may only use his limbs to explain the characteristics of a living creature or object is chosen
c)         This game is limited to 1.5 minutes to guess each question
d)        The team with the most successful guesses will be the winner of this game
The Benefit of this game:
a)        Train communication patterns for each team member
b)        Measuring how closely the interaction between team members
c)         Train the trust of each team member with other members
d)        Demonstrators will be a fast developing person because they can communicate with their team even without speaking.

2.                  Whispered chain

fun talking games to play with friends

This game is categorized as a talking game because the basic model of this game is whispering. This game first appeared in the UK area in 1990. How to play this game is quite easy and straightforward so that the game Talking game to play with friends you need to try, namely:
a. Create two groups containing 5-6 people or can be adjusted to the number of participants.
b. Create a line with 1 row
c. Each person ends up having a specific task. At the first end, he was tasked with understanding the message as well as an order that was conveyed by the committee, while the person at the other end was in charge of delivering the message and practicing the command in the word.
a.       Each inheritance is given a distance of 50 cm between one person and another.
b.      All members line up and face one direction
c.       Before the person who carries the message gives a sign by touching the shoulder of the member in front of him, the rank members are not allowed to turn around
d.      Each member sends the message no more than 2 minutes
The benefit of this game:
a.         Training discipline and teamwork
b.        Think fast to find the use of words that are by our speech
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3.                  Game Where am I?

This game is a Talking game which is recommended to play with friends or this very educative game for the kids. The game contains guesses in which country I am now. So every player must know the time difference between one country and another. How to play:
a.      This game is not a group game that can be played by individuals, but it's good to play at least three people.
b.     The player with the first question can be taken randomly; there are no provisions on how to vote.
c.    The first player determines where he is now, an example: I am in America and now at 11 o'clock. If there is 17 o'clock then in which country am I.
d.      The person who can first guess will be entitled to start the next turn
The benefit of this game:
a.        Add closeness and can be used to fill free time
b.      Adding one's insight into the time zones that exist in the world, along with the state by the zone.

4.                  Alphabetic games

This game has long been known to everyone in the world. This game is also quite simple because it only requires equipment that is on us as a condition for the game to take places such as fingers and mouth.
How to play:
a.    This game is individual, so it doesn't need teamwork.
b.    Place the participant's finger on the table and prepare how many fingers you will use
c.     After all, participants lowered their fingers to the table
d.    Start counting on what letters they finger down on table e. If you have, please guess in sequence in the clockwise direction
a.    Determine the theme of guessing beforehand that it can be a plant-animal or the name of an object
b.    People who cannot sow in the allotted time are considered to lose this game
Indeed, all of them are Talking games which are recommended to play withfriends is very simple and yes fun to play together with your friends.