Learning activities for 1 year old

Learning is an activity of transferring knowledge in the form of science or behavior carried out by two or more people. The need for education covers the entire age from someone born to the person who died. Learning in people who are old with a toddler is very different. Both from the way of delivery or how to build closeness between the instructor and the taught. Using the right method will help a child, or a parent learns more comfortable and more enjoyable. Indeed, here we will focus on learning activities for 1-year-old, the educator is focused on toddler classroom activities such as making classroom rules charts and classroom themes that aim to enhance the situation and support in learning.

1. Toddler classroom activities

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Toddler as the subject will be discussed a lot here, how they learn, what actions will support their teaching and learning activities. The toddler with one year will prefer to often interact with the instructor. The interaction that is built can be in the form of direct communication such as stroking, carrying, hugging or other things that are directly related to the toddler. Then, for indirect interactions can be in the form of teaching with verbal or with non-verbal instructors such as the behavior exemplified by the instructors on their students.
    Examples of influential non-verbal behavior in toddler activities in the classroom:
  • A teacher separates toddlers who are fighting over food or toys and reconciling them both by directing their hands to shake hands.
  • If a teacher knows that their toddler is not enthusiastic in learning, then the teacher must actively approach the toddler to invite him to play or move more actively from his original position, which will affect the toddler behavior more or less in the future. Toddlers with the age of one year will activate all the sensors they have to learn from the people closest to and for their environment.
    Examples of verbal behavior are by giving information directly to toddlers:
  • The teacher teaches or gives a choice for toddlers to determine their decisions in the form of colors or items.
  • Teacher gives prohibitions and regulations that must be obeyed by all toddlers, or more effectively introducing a toddler to good and bad behavior.
In theory, above, we have discussed the background of activities that are suitable for toddlers. But here, we will also recommend some activities that you should use to treat your toddler.
  • Focused on attitude: introduce him to good and bad deeds, for example: give food that they have to a friend or help remove garbage that might be scattered on the floor.
  • Focused on religion: teach them to believe in God. God is close and always sees us. This section is the most crucial part because this will educate them to continue to be good because God sees them. And also they will be humiliated if they do bad things before God.
  • Focused on environmental knowledge: introduce them to things around them, such as fire that is a hot and dangerous object if it is not controlled then the snow will be freezing they will need warmers etc.
Besides, focus on toddler activity class you need to introduce them about limitation the always exist where ever they live. Classroom rules chart ideas are a must in class.

2. Classroom rules chart ideas

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Rules need to be applied early to train each toddler to move according to the norms. Train them to realize that good and evil is not only determined by the thoughts of one person but is a shared census and is collected in the form of regulations to be followed together. Speaking of classroom rules chart ideas that are suitable for toddlers aged 1 year.
For example:
  • Listen or pay attention to the teacher or adult.
  • Raise your hand when you want to ask or answer.
  • Respecting each other
  • Saving your luggage
  • Bring the right book with the right lesson.
Those rules are considered very needed in shaping the rules in the class. Also, they learn to respect every regulation that exists. They will also be aware that breaking the rules means getting punished. The pattern of classroom rules chart learning is essential because, for toddlers, the rules must be written so that they will more efficiently record the rules that have been set together.
Indeed, after deciding the classroom rules chart ideas, it is needed a toddler classroom theme. It used to enhance and support to learn the material.

3. Toddler classroom theme

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For a toddler, it is very recommended to make the themed classroom. For example, the nature theme is intended to introduce nature. Besides, it will help the situation that the class that the teacher leads is in the free space. Other themes that can be applied are very varied. For the advice, give a theme that is very much like the toddler, for example, introducing them to family, nature or with animals.
Indeed, Learning activities for 1-year-old cannot be separated from toddler classroom activities how the toddler behaves very importantly. Then, the classroom rules chart will help the toddler to introduce the rule that has to obey. The last toddler classroom theme is very needed in supporting the learning activities.