4 Facts you must know about Nestea instant tea 2020

Nestea is a provider of iced tea solution, a branch of Nestle. Nestle works with coca cola in providing Nestea products. Coco-cola, as a producer of Nestea and Nestle as the owner, has the right to distribution sector and marketing channels. The collaboration was created to compete with the product of Unilever and Pepsi. They put Lipton iced tea and fuze iced tea to match the market expansion of Nestle and Coca-Cola. Moreover, the fact is that Nestea has a market share in the USA. This fact is supported by several products that are selling well in the American market; one of the best-selling products is Nestea Instant tea
Moreover, to strengthen its distribution in the United States, Nestle appointed three factories to distribute Netea Instant tea as the best-selling product in the USA. The three places are located in Oklahoma and Wisconsin as the headquarter of Nestea Instant tea and the biggest grocery store in Supervalu Los Angeles. Besides, the glorious of Nestea trigger some issue, one of them is Nestea instant tea discontinued. The problem was very shocking, especially if Nestea's supply in some places was stopped. Indeed, in this article, we will test whether the issue is real or not.
Instant tea, Nestea discontinued, Nestea Instant Unsweetened Tea Discontinued

1. 4 variants of Nestea instant tea

Before we look for facts about nesting tea companies, let us study what Nestea products are spread in the market and which products will be terminated.

  • Nestea instant tea is unsweetened.

Nestea instant tea unsweetened is sugarless. This type is the superior one obtained from the Nilgiri Mountains in India. Nestea instant tea unsweetened is designed for people who are doing healthy living programs by reducing calorie intake. With this type of tea, the customer can still feel fresh after exercise without worrying about accumulating a pile of calories in his body. This product is very suitable for daily health because this product contains 0% saturated fat, 0% sodium, and 05 sugar. The flavor is dominated by real high-quality tea.

  • Nestea instant iced tea

Nestea instant iced tea is Nestea processed products that can be consumed immediately. This product targets people who have high mobility. This type of product often exists in vending machines for a relatively lower price than Nestea instant.

  • Nestea instant tea with lemon
Instant tea, Nestea discontinued, Nestea Instant Unsweetened Tea Discontinued

Nestea instant tea with lemon is a brightly lit product that has the same share with Lipton. This product is marketed with a packaging pouch to target the Market kids share. With a strong lemon flavor, it will give the impression to the children to repurchase this product. Then, for the ingredient this product is made from the origin of India, there is no artificial sweetener and has less sugar than the original per 250 serving. While for nutrition information contained in Nestea instant with lemon is calories 50, fat 0, sodium 10 mg (1%), carbohydrate 12 g, sugar 12 g, and protein 0 g. This type of tea is very suitable for vegetarians because the tea content in Nestea can reduce the risk of heart attack, reduce cholesterol and triglycerides.

  • Nestea iced tea powder

This Nestea variant is Nestea with packaging for long-term use. Nestea instant tea which was initially served as a liquid in a bottle or pouch is now present in powder form. Without reducing the benefits and ingredients of natural origin, Nestea launches Nestea iced tea powder that is suitable for daily family consumption needs.

  • (4 pack) nestea unsweetened iced tea mix, 3 oz, 1 count
This Nestea product is for you with healthy life style. This product has unsweetened flavor means has low calories. However, the Nestea management currently issued will stop their production. A lot of speculation about this issue. For clearly explaination we will discuss in the section below.
  • Nestea cool 
Nestea cool

Nestea Cool is one of Nestea variants flavor. It specially offers for traveler or athlete who need fresh and cool water. There is a unique in their advertising that the Nestea cool imagined the Nestea Snowman as their actor. The Nestea Snowman journey focus informing the customer that one bottle of the Nestea cool can refresh your inside your body until your bones.

2. Current issue: Nestea instant tea discontinued in 2020

From the overall facilities and benefits provided by Nestea to its customers, Nestea and Coca-Cola have internal problems. Nestle began speculating about expanding its business to other countries such as Canada, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Andorra, Bulgaria, and Hungary. However, Coca Cola does not think so; Coca Cola is better at providing additional product variants in America to win the competition in instant tea sales. Finally, in March 2019 the coca cola decided to separate the joint venture with Nestle so that many Nestea products were no longer in production. To replace lost Nestea products, Nestle has prepared several products such as corn syrup and Nestea with various flavors such as raspberry, lemon, and peach.

3. Then, who sells Nestea instant tea?

The effects of breaking up Nestle and Coca Cola Nestea availability in the market are minimal, but experts estimate that the availability of Nestea will remain until the end of December 2019. Because the cutting or termination of product production will be done in stages, it can be concluded that is Nestea instant tea still being made, is yes. And to answer the next issue, Nestea Instant for sale is always available in market places such as Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. It will further discuss in the article below.

4. The place you can buy Nestea instant tea

On Amazon, the availability of Nestea Instant Tea is still available. Purchase at least 4 small bottles for $ 12 - $ 15 each. Reservations can be made with a pending order system because the availability of Nestea Instant tea is minimal.

Instant tea, Nestea discontinued, Nestea Instant Unsweetened Tea Discontinued

Availability of Nestea unsweetened instant tea is still available. Purchases can be made online or offline, for prices offered to start at $ 2, and purchasing can be unit or per pack for $ 15 if you are close to Walmart. You can go directly to Wallmart on the beverage section. 

Indeed, Nestea's unsweetened instant tea will disappear. But not all products will disappear because some products are pulled like Nestea Instant Iced Tea will be changed with lemon tea. Therefore, for those of you lovers of Nestea unsweetened iced tea, try to look for substitute products for Nestea. While Nestea Iced Tea you have to wait a while because Nestea will soon launch a new product.