7 reasons why Nestea unsweetened iced tea mix discontinued

Nestea iced tea is one of Nestle's products. The American region is essential for this product. Even the varied design of this product packaging is in the form of bottles, powder packs, and jar-shaped packaging. Each package is targeted at a different market share. Nestea with jar packaging products ranks second in Nestea packaging variants in the American market, especially New York and California. However, lately, we are faced with bad news where Nestea unsweetened iced tea mix is discontinued. Loyal consumers who had previously consumed Nestea as their daily needs felt significantly disadvantaged in the loss of Nestea at several marketing points. Therefore it is essential to know why Nestea unsweetened iced tea mix is discontinued. Here we are analyzing to be the 7 main reasons for Nestea unsweetened iced tea mix discontinued.

1. Reduced demand

It is undeniable that the concept of supply and demand is the central concept of the economy, both in driving prices or in determining market expansion. The reduced incidence or even the loss of Nestea instant in the market can also be due to the reduced average demand of consumers for Nestea instant. In a matter of people in business, it is not possible for factories to send Nestea with fewer numbers of areas that are difficult to reach or in areas that require very high distribution costs. Therefore, Nestea intends to maneuver it will only focus on areas with the most demand such as Illinois while waiting for the growth of customers in the regions that are less for Nestea unsweetened iced tea

2. Competition with competitors

Talk about the competitors, and there is one fact that cannot be avoided, that is, whatever our products, we certainly have competitors. Competitors can be interpreted as positive or negative. The positive thing is that our products will develop faster with the presence of competitors, on the one hand, we are chosen to upgrade at any time if we don't want to lose to our competitors. Nestea competition with other products such as Lipton is no longer a secret. Lipton with its new brand this time is more pressing on the market. Inevitably this will affect Nestea. Extensive market penetration from Lipton forced Nestea to step back in several regions in America such as California. In California, due to the presence of Lipton, market demand was reduced because Nestea had to be responsive in dealing with this.

3. Prohibition of importing production materials from China

The trade war carried out by China and America lately made businesspeople hot. They attack each other by raising import duties in their respective countries. Of course, this will have a significant influence on the products of the two countries, which are the basic needs of each of their citizens. This case also affects Nestea, which also relies on staples originating from China. With a high increase in essential commodities forcing Nestea must try to rethink to look for substitute raw materials or must maneuver by launching new products with lower raw materials so that their loyal consumers can still reach the prices of Nestea in the market.

4. Distribution issues

In addition to some of the above problems, there are also quite attention-grabbing problems, namely distribution from producers to consumers. During the distribution process, retailers are ready to hold lots of stock from Nestea before the shop distributes all of its store customers in smaller parties, of course. Problems that may arise at this stage is greatly affected by Nestea's availability at the consumer level. Retail stores as second-level distributors also determine market prices and the formation of new loyal customers.

5. Prepare new Nestea product (alternative to Nestea unsweetened iced tea mix)

There are some possibilities that Nestea attract this product and they testing their loyal market. If it is possitive response means a lot of people want this Nestea back, means the Nestea is success make a loyal market. Moreover, this market is ready for new product from Nestea that this product doesn't have too much different flavour woth nestea.

6. Optimize another market

Every big company always has unique sight, how they can really understand that their product is on the top of the trends and when their product start to out of the trend. The Company should has plan B or may be prepare new product when their product regard as out of the trends.

7. Managerial problem

Management is an exposition. That is, all management activities that are translated into four management functions are carried out continuously, and all lead to achieving goals. Management problems often occur when there is a discrepancy between company goals and personal goals. When this happens, it will be fatal to the market share, and furthermore will depend on price stability or even a reduction in the supply of products related to the market.

Indeed, Some of the above exposure is likely to be possible in Nestea unsweetened iced tea mix discontinued. Many of customer's loyal customers are waiting for new products or Nestea availability in the market again. I think the possible problem that is faced with unsweetened iced tea is preparing for the new product.