The high protein snacks for kids

When your kids have to pass the day with high-level mobility and they are don’t have a time even to eat a heavy carbohydrate.  The high protein snacks for kids which is popular in Kansas can be additional energy to support their day. You don’t even fell hesitate or worry about your child's belly. The heavy carbohydrate with high protein will help your kids to fulfill their belly. You can prepare a box plus bar energy chocolate to assist your kid’s busy day. This high protein snacks not only for kids but also for preschoolers. The ingredient of this plus bar energy chocolate never lying you. There is a lot of healthy ingredients such as organic dates, almond butter organic, chocolate, cocoa butter, organic soy, and vanilla and another ingredient with a high level of protein. Then how about this high protein bedtime snack for a toddler, is it good for health?
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Answering the question above about the benefit of high protein snacks for your kids or your toddler. We start explaining the nutrition which consists of one bar of a plus bar. In one bar of a plus bar, you can gain vitamin A, C, D, E, and K altogether. That vitamin is very suitable for your preschool kids with high movement intensity. Besides, the calcium and calorie which consist inside of this bar very helpful to recharge the energy either kids, preschoolers or toddler. Then, it appears a question of how if your kids prefer consuming vegetable or they are a vegetarian. We will explain it.

High Protein Snacks for Vegetarians

Snack or commonly called as easy food has a function to assist the empty belly with limit time. The high protein snacks vegetarian is an easy healthy food which can make it in your home. In here we will discuss more how to make sandwich tofu. Sandwich tofu is the high protein snacks for vegetarian. The protein from the soy can replace the exhausted energy in your body and a high protein low-fat food. Here how to make sandwich tofu  

How to make Sandwich Tofu:

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  • 1 large tofu
  • 2 chicken eggs
  • 3 small diced pieces
  • 12 pieces of fresh bread
  • 35 grams of cheddar cheese,
  • finely grated A pinch of salt A pinch of pepper A dash of dried oregano (it may not be used) Enough butter for frying tofu burgers and spreads of bread 2 tomatoes, cut round

Step by step:
  • Blend the tofu with a fork or others tool, then filter with fabric and push it repeatedly
  • Mix the egg, add onion, salt, fry oregano, and pepper. Pour the filtered tofu and grinder cheese, mix them all.
  • Prepare a wok, I choose to use double pan so that it can be fried once and immediately cut 6 as shown. Heat the butter, add the tofu mixture and smooth it. Alternate double pan every 5 minutes to cook evenly. After 3-4 times is reversed, the tofu is ready to be cut and removed.
  • Brush both sides of the bread with butter, heat it on top of the double pan, used to fry tofu. Turn and lift it when it is golden dry it.
  • Arrange the bread according to taste, cut 2 pieces and serve. It can be complemented with chili sauce and mayonnaise.