3 ideas for fun outdoor games for large groups

1. Ring toss game

Ring toss game
Ring toss games required at least three people in groups and you need at least two groups. It is different from normal fun outdoor games for large groups that required at least seven until ten people.  You just need some bottle, or you can compare it with how many groups that will join in this game. 
Ring toss game rules
Each player in each group prepares ring give at least three rings to each player in purpose to give 3 chances on each player in each team. Also, you can add some latter and written command inside the bottle. The written text can be a prize or for something interesting you can give some secret prize in a random bottle. Make sure each command and each prize inside the bottle can represent the teamwork such as the player from the team which tosses the ring and places it in the bottle, the team should singing together or sing their anthem.
The benefit that will be emphasized is responsibility and teamwork. Responsibility, when one member of the team takes the fake prize or the real prize the entire member, should respond to do the command or to receive the prize. The teamwork, when the team gets the secret prize or the fake prize the team should think faster how to make their group can solidly receive this command and do the command.

2. Spikeball on shark tank

Spikeball on shark tank

The spike ball is the group ball game. The spikeball on shark tank is an innovative spike ball game. Before play this game, you have to prepare some stuff such as round ring, net and wood feet for making the ring can stand, prepare from tied up the ring with the net and strengthen it with the wood feet. After that prepare around six until nine balls. The balls for this game are finer and smoother it will ease to grab this ball. Then prepare your team. Each team consists of two people. One becomes the assist, and the other one becomes smasher. 
When the game is started the starting point is when the ball is tossed and bounce in the net. The other team should aggressively receive the ball and smash it until the other team cannot reach the smashed ball.
Spikeball rules

  • In the first time when starting the game, the ball should bounce on the net first.
  • The ball that bounced can be received by the other time.
  • Each player is allowed to touch the ball one time.
  • The team who can reply the ball to the opponent will lose one point

3. Game ghost in the graveyard

Game ghost in the graveyard

Game ghost in the graveyard is similar to hiding and seek game the ghost should hide and prepare to catch the victim.  The game can be played with two groups, the victim and the ghost. The ghost should actively search the victim, and the victim is actively hiding from the ghost. This game just limited time. When the time is over the victim that still alive is a winner.