Nestea Instant Tea Discontinued

As we know Nestea is a favorite tea for kids, but in currently issuing Nestea instant tea discontinued. Nestea as the favorite drink for kids has many effects on kids when it is discontinued. Some parents prefer buying this Nestea instant for their kids because they know that the Nestea instant is healthy. The fully trusted with the ingredient of the Nestea that contains pure sugar. For the child, they very admire with the lemon flavor of the Nestea, so that they can’t imagine how if the Nestea instant tea discontinued to distribute around them. Many issues that talk about how the Nestea instant tea being discontinued their distribution. In here we try collecting the most possible issue relate to Nestea instant tea.
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  1. Changing market strategy
    The Nestea is a company joined venture between Nestle and Coca-Cola. They are agreed to build this company since 2001 and the product of Nestea is largely spread around the world. However, their competitor Unilever and Pepsi never keep silent. This company starts making a new brand “Lipton Iced Tea” which competes with Nestea. Nestle aware that the customer need is changed by the time. Nestle start to innovate in a way changing the brand’s name in the last month of 2012. Besides, Nestle also changed the formulation and packaging. The new brand of Nestea tends to make a product with fruit flavor which made by sugar and stevia but there is no com syrup.
  2. The Decrease in demand
    We know that the Nestea has been around us since 2001 and the market is already shaped. However, the market needs something new from this product. New innovation and new marketing strategy. The bored market will occur when this product doesn't innovate with the recent atmosphere. Like their competitor Lipton iced tea which has very attractive advertisement. They bring freedom and fresh life to their customer.
  3. Form the new enterprise
    The joint venture between Nestle and Coca-Cola announced that Nestea would back to small enterprise with brand “coke”. They will open a new market. In the first of their movement, they just distribute their product in America and Canada. Today, they open a new market in Europe, Portugal, Spain, Andorra, Romania Hungary, Bulgaria, and France. With the new crucial movement, some problem may happen.
  4. Making new product in 2019
    After 15 years joint ventures between Coca-Cola and Nestle, Nestle Wants to Open a New Market in Europe and Russia. However, as a producer of coca cola does not agree with the latest market strategies offered by Nestle. Then, coca cola will stop working with Nestle. So Nestea, the company under Nestle, must withdraw its products from the market. The replacement of the product from Nestea unsweetened tea was done with a new product that will be launched in early 2020, while for Nestea products itself can still be reached at the nearest retail retailer. Even though production has been stopped, it will not immediately make Nestea disappear from the market. For some entrepreneurs, this is considered as an opportunity to monopolize Nestea's market price. Because the top parties like Nestle and coca cola have started releasing Nestea.
  5. Opening up a wider market 
    As stated above, the issue of opening markets in Europe made Nestle change its course to the European market. They can open new markets with the introduction of new products. This might occur due to the warming of the Chinese and American trade wars. Then, we know that Nestle needs some additional raw materials in China, thus making Nestea's decision to dance one of its flagship products to make it worse.
Some issue may have happened in Nestea. The discontinued issue drives many comments for their loyal customer. We will show some comments below: 
  • From Facebook account Thirst Hamilton:Dear Nestea Ice Tea Mix,
    I have been in a relationship with you for as long as I can remember. I committed fully to you after my permanent "break up" w caffeine soda in 2011...I have avoided the hot and steamy temptation of your good friend coffee (...don't even own a coffee pot)...and today I find out the devastating news you will no longer be mine. I hope this is "just a phase" and you will surely realize that a love like this is meant to last a lifetime...until we meet again...or I am forced to eventually move on with someone new...
    Unsatisfied Customer/Friend
  • From Twitter account:That's not got news or what I was hoping you would say, but hopefully, I can back to the flavored Nestea immediately! –Shanna

All that issue of Nestea instant unsweetened Tea Discontinued and comment should be replied wisely. You have to set a good filter to choose which issue is right or wrong. However, the movement of Nestea to better product exactly has considered the customer first. The new product that they make must be better for their customer around the world.