Easy Food to Make for Kids in Oklahoma

As we know, we have to pay more attention to the food which is consumed by your children. It is important to do that because your kids don’t have the ability to differentiate between good food and bad food. Food as educational stuff is important because the nutrition which kids’ consume will affect to the brain growth. One easy food to make for kids in Oklahoma and kids will admire it is ice cream. In here, we will guide you to make an ice cream which your kids like.

How to Make Ice Cream with Milk only

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1 liter of fresh cow's milk
3 packs of sweetened sachet milk
4 teaspoon of sugar
5 teaspoon wheat flour
2 teaspoon Chocolate powder
A pinch of salt

How to make ice cream easily:

Boil fresh cow's milk, add sweetened condensed milk, sugar, salt. Blend chocolate and wheat flour dissolves with a little boiled water so that it doesn't break and then enter into boiled cow's milk. Wait until it boils and thickens a little. After it's already cooked enough and thickens the fire and wait for it to cool. After cold input in the plastic box, then enter it in the freezer, then 8 hours or overnight. Take away from the freezer then, scoop with a spoon or even a fork, then in the mixer, add the sp that has already been on the team, the mixer gets half an hour, or until it expands. Then enter it in the ice cream box or make it in order then add it again in the freezer box after it is frozen again.

How to make soft serve ice cream

Sherbet ice cream, sorbet, ice cream

Gelato derived from an Italian word which means ice cream. This frozen form of dessert is made from cream, milk, and fruit or chocolate juice or finely shaped beans. Gelato does not contain as much air as ice cream, so the texture is denser. The fat content is 4% -8%, lower than ice cream. Sherbet
Sherbet derived from the Middle East and made from fruit juice and water. Modern Sherbets are made from frozen fruit juices, water, and sweeteners. Some Sherbet can contain milk, egg white, and gelatin. Sherbet is lighter than ice cream but richer than granita or sorbet.
Sorbet is made from fruit puree and does not contain milk. Its consistency is softer than Sherbet. Sorbet does have a taste that can be sweet or salty and is usually served as a freshener in the middle of a banquet or as a dessert at the end of the banquet
Granita is made from water, sugar, and flavor like fruit juice. During freezing, the mixture will often be stirred to form granules, granules of sugar.

Ice Cream Nutrition

Number of Ice cream studied (Food Weight) = 100 gr
Part of Ice cream that can be consumed (Food Edible) = 100%
Amount of Energy Content Ice cream = 207 kcal
Amount of Protein Content Ice cream = 4 g
Amount of Fat Content Ice cream = 12, 5 g
Amount of Carbohydrate Content Ice cream = 20.6 gr
Amount of Calcium Content Ice cream = 123 mg
Amount of Phosphorus Content Ice cream = 99 mg
Amount of Iron Content Ice cream = 0 mg
Amount of Vitamin A Ice cream = 520 IU
Amount of Vitamin Content B1 Ice cream = 0.04 mg
Amount of Vitamin C Content Ice cream = 1 mg

Here is 1 of the most attractive Easy Food to Make for Kids in Oklahoma and you can do it by yourself at the home. Another suggestion is you can add some topping to attract the child desire.